Macey-Harris SP705 upper front knife, 22x3x0.375in, 7x1/2”, 4x1/4”, TC

462,98 € VAT excl.

Upper front knife (blade) for Macey-Harris SP705 cutting machine. The blade is made of Tungsten Carbide (TC) material for heavy-duty and trouble-free operation. It has unmatched sharpness and cutting with high wear resistance. Manufactured to high precision in a modern manufacturing plant. Suitable for cutting all kinds of paper, boards, foils, rubbers, and other materials for the print and paper industry.

Tungsten Carbide (TC) blade and its performance are equivalent to blades marketed as Hartmetal, HM, Incomet, TCT, and Widia.

Please note: images of knives are provided for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the technical specification for the dimensions and configuration of threaded holes and other features.

Consider ordering cutting sticks together with the Macey-Harris SP705 knife and save on shipping costs.

Technical Specification

Knife Dimensions:
22 x 3 x 0.375 in
Knife position:
Upper front
Holes and fixing points:
7 x 1/2”, 4 x 1/4”
Blade Material:
Tungsten Carbide (TC)
Known Compatibility:
Macey-Harris SP705
Additional Information:
Compatible with 640, 642, SP650, 652, SP690, SP705, SP562. (558.8 x 76.2 x 9.5 mm)
Manufacturer (OEM) IDs:
B-640-0-1504, 200 1303

Additional Information

Packaging and shipment:
This knife ships from the EU (European Union). Knives exceeding a weight of 3 kg weight ship packed in a specialized holster/box for maximum protection of the blade as well as health and safety reasons. The cost of the transportation box and other packaging materials is included in the shipping price.

Information about blade material:
The blade of this knife is made of Tungsten Carbide (TC) material. The quality of cut, time between sharpening, and the life of the blade are all dependent on the metal alloy used. The following chart presents the typical qualitative lifetime of various blade materials.

material durability comparison

Depending on your application, you can save cost, improve the quality of cut, and increase the interval between sharpening, while reducing downtime of your cutting machine by purchasing a blade made of a higher grade metal alloy.

Material legend / abbreviations:
SS: standard steel (also known as Swedish Steel, Durapid, Tool Steel)
HSS: high speed steel (also known as Duritan)
TC: tungsten carbide (also known as Hartmetal, HM, Incomet, TCT, Widia)
TC-F: fine grain tungsten carbide (also know as Longlife, Incomet Supreme, Premium)
TC-U: ultra-fine grain tungsten carbide (also known as Megalife, Genesis, Ultra cut, Vitech)

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Macey-Harris SP705 upper front knife, 22x3x0.375in, 7x1/2”, 4x1/4”, TC