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Industrial Knives

Original and aftermarket industrial knives with razor sharp edge, suitable for all kinds of machine types. The industrial knives category includes guillotine knives, punch knives, trimmer blades, perforating knifes, blades for three knife machines, splitting knives and many others. Products are manufactured to high precision in a modern manufacturing plant from six types of materials: standard tool steel (SS), high carbon high chromium steel (HCHCr), high speed steel (HSS), and three variations of tungsten carbide (TC, TC-F, & TC-U). Industrial knives can be used for cutting of all kinds of paper, boards, foils, rubbers and other materials.Please use the "parts by equipment" filter to locate a knife/blade for your machine. In case you cannot find a knife for your machine, or require a customised knife to be manufactured, please do not hesitate to contact us.