Scoring Blades, 45x59.5x0.8mm, SS, MBO 50210160 (pack of 5)

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A pack of five (5) circular scoring blades, made of standard steel (ss) material for heavy duty and trouble free operation. Manufactured to high precision in a modern manufacturing plant. The part is equivalent to the MBO scoring blade 50210160.

Please note: images of scoring blades are provided for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the technical specification for dimensions and configuration of blades.

Technical Scoring / Creasing Blade Specification

Outside diameter:
59.5 mm
Inside diameter:
45 mm
Blade thickness:
0.8 mm
Blade material:
Equivalent OEM IDs:
MBO 50210160

Pack contents

This product is a pack that contains five (5) MBO compatible scoring blades.

Overview of scoring / creasing blades

Creasers. Paper and lightweight cardboard is scored in folders to facilitate subsequent cross folding (buckle or knife fold principle). Scoring takes place at the previous station, facilitating the subsequent folding process and improving fold quality. The rounded scoring blade runs against two counter-rollers with rounded edges and deforms the paper structure to produce a crease. Scoring is suitable for all products whose surfaces should not be cut. These include brochures, maps and sewn or threadsealed signatures.

To achieve greater precision with standard folding jobs, scoring often takes place prior to the folding process. Paper thicknesses of between 35 and 150 gsm can be scored a-gainst a polyurethane ring. The scoring bladecreates a sharp, precise longitudinal crease, marking the exact folding position for the subsequent cross fold. The creaser facilitates high-precision standard sheet folding. It is particularly helpful at the next station ifthere are several folds running in parallel, for example letterfolds and concertina folds.

Channel Score is a special creaser for folders that process covers and brochures with paper weights of between 150 and 350 gsm. It stops the paper's coating and fibers breaking up during folding. The great advantage of this is that the paper can be scored inline in the folder. This dispenses with the need for more time-consuming separate scoring on the impression cylinder. Inline processing makes it possible to match the position of the crease as close as possible to the fold. Any corrections required can easily be made during production. As a result, Channel Score not only improves the quality of print products such as brochures and mailings, but also their cost-effectiveness. The Channel Score special creaser works with a special rubber ring rather than a steel scoring blade. A steel roller with undercuts of various sizes is used as the die-plate.

Examples of circular scoring blade arrangements: a) scoring against steel; b) scoring against steel; c) scoring against polyurethane; d) combined perforating and creaser (3 blades)
Examples of scoring blade arrangements: a) scoring against steel; b) scoring against steel; c) scoring against polyurethane; d) combined perforating and creaser (3 blades)

Other Information

Blade materials
This MBO blade is made of standard steel (ss). Depending on your application, you can save cost, improve quality of cut, reduce interval between sharpening, as well as downtime of your machine by purchasing a blade made of a higher grade metal alloy. We offer blades made of three classes of metal alloys: standard tool steel (SS), high speed steel (HSS) and tungsten carbide (TC).

Packaging and shipment:
These blades ship from the EU (European Union).

Similar names:
Scoring blade, solid score, split score, creasing blade, splt score, creaser.

Scoring Blades, 45x59.5x0.8mm, SS, MBO 50210160 (pack of 5)