Perforating Blade, 40x61.5x0.5, 18tpw, MBO 50 559 106

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Circular perforating blade, manufactured to high precision in a modern manufacturing plant. The OEM catalogue number for the blade is MBO 50 559 106.

Please note: images of perforating blades are provided for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the technical specification for the dimensions and properties of the blade.

MBO 50 559 106 Technical Specification

Blade profile, MBO 50 559 106
Product type:
Perforating blade
MBO 50 559 106
Outside diameter:
Inside diameter:
Blade thickness:
Number of teeth:
True cutting angle:
Blade geometry (V):
Blade profile (M):
Approx. slot length:
Approx. distance between slots:

Part geometries, shapes & profiles

Please refer to the image below for details of blade profiles and geometries.

Blade geometries

Overview of perforating blades

With the slot perforator, the paper is cut in a series of slots. This makes fold formation much easier and reduces material stresses within the folded sheet. The air trapped during folding can escape, which avoids creases in the folded sheet.

Perforating blades have different slot lengths and distances between slots to suit the paper grade and fold type. They can be inserted in either the front-mounted or rear-mounted slitter shafts. Slot perforating blades with a large number of teeth (between 40 and 80) can be used for tear-off perforations. Dependent on blade specification, possible applications include calendars and mailings. They are generally used in the front-mounted slitter shaft, where the movable upper slitter shaft can set the undercut to match the thickness of the broadsheet exactly.

With sequentially timed perforation, the tear-off perforating blade is complemented by a timed perforating head on the mounted slitter shaft. This setup works against the slitting wheel on the lower slitter shaft. The control unit determines the timing of the stroke cycles and, as a result, the perforating length in the folded or mailing product.

Punch perforations are created using a rotating punch perforating knife and two die plates. The punch perforating knife punches out pieces of paper along the perforation line. The fold quality is significantly improved by trapped air escaping. Consequently, punch perforations are ideal for cross folding large numbers of pages (32, 48, or 64 pages) or high grammages of paper.

Punch-perforated sheets are often turned into a book block in the perfect binder without milling. The signatures remain together and the superior sheet edge adhesion produces a more durable end product.

Examples of circular perforating blade arrangements: a) Slot perforation; b) Slot perforation; c) Punch perforation after the parallel fold
Examples of circular perforating blade arrangements: a) Slot perforation; b) Slot perforation; c) Punch perforation after the parallel fold.

Packaging and Shipment

This blade ship from the EU (European Union).

Synonymous names / references

Notch solid perf, slot perforator, punch perforator, tear-off perforator, slot perforator, MBO 50559106, MBO 50.559.106, MBO 50-559-106, perforating blade, split perforator.


Perforating Blade, 40x61.5x0.5, 18tpw, MBO 50 559 106