13/32" paper drill bit, CHALLENGE, HSS

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Hollow paper drill bit with drilling diameter of 13/32" and the CHALLENGE fitting, manufactured to high precision in a modern manufacturing plant from high-quality steel. This premium paper drill bit is suitable for manual, semi-automatic, and automatic drilling machines, as well as single and multi-headed drills. The drill bit comes with a razor-sharp cutting edge and is ready for use. The inside shaft has a smooth surface, which reduces the clogging of paper.

This paper drill bit is using HSS (high speed steel) material. The high-speed steel material is most commonly used for cutting tools and has good wear resistance and hardness properties. It is ideally suited to drilling offset and copier paper.

Technical Specification

CHALLENGE 13/32" paper drill bit geometric parameters
Fitting type:
Material / Coating:
Drill diameter (d):
⌀ 13/32"
Drilling depth (h):
50 mm
Drill length (L):
79 mm
Shank diameter (D):
⌀ 18 mm

Please carefully check the technical specification of your paper drill to make sure this drill bit fits your machine. The images are provided for illustrative purposes and not to scale.

Known Compatibility

Casco, Challenge, Climax, Funditor, Lassco Wizer (EBM, Spinnit), Mark III, Mark IV, Ottawa, Rosback Rosco, Super Speed drill machines.

Supplementary notes

Paper drill bits are used to drill through various types of paper, including printing paper and cardboard. Regular lubrication of the drill bits reduces heat build-up, extends their life span, and reduces sharpening frequency. Wax papers are used normally for routine lubrication when drilling.

The small drill bits (3mm to 4mm) are extremely delicate. Please check your paper drilling machine specifications to ensure it can use the drill bit diameter you select. Not all paper drills can take all the diameters listed.

Packaging and Shipment

This blade ship from the EU (European Union).

Synonymous product names

Casco 13/32" drill bit HSS, Challenge 13/32" drill bit HSS, Climax 13/32" drill bit HSS, Funditor 13/32" drill bit HSS, Lassco Wizer 13/32" drill bit HSS, EBM 13/32" drill bit HSS, Spinnit 13/32" drill bit HSS, Rosback 13/32" drill bit HSS, Rosco 13/32" drill bit HSS, Super Speed 13/32" drill bit HSS


13/32" paper drill bit, CHALLENGE, HSS