Cutting sticks for Wohlenberg 155 F, 1557x10x4mm SIN, Red [PACK of 25 pcs]

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A pack of twenty five (25) cutting sticks, made of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) material. Cutting sticks are manufactured for use with Wohlenberg 155 F paper cutters, guillotines and trimmers.

Please note: images of cutting sticks for Wohlenberg 155 F are provided for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the technical specification for dimensions and other details.

Consider ordering industrial knives together with cutting sticks in order to save on transportation costs.

Technical Cutting Stick Specification

1557 mm
10 x 4 mm
Geometrical features:
Wavy / Sine (SIN) form
Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC)
Hardness (Shore D):
Recommended for:
Wohlenberg 155 F knives made of standard steel (SS) and high carbon high crome steel (HCHCR)

Please check dimensions (length and cross-section) carefully to make sure the cutting stick matches your machine. There are few variations of cutting sticks for Wohlenberg 155 F.

Pack contents

This product is a pack that contains twenty five (25) cutting sticks.

Overview of Cutting Stick Range

Cutting stick is used in guillotine and trimmer paper cutters to ensure a precise cut from the first to the lastsheet of paper. It is fitted into the slot in the cutting table of the guillotine. On the downstroke, the knife penetratesthis stick. The stick protects the knife from hitting the metal, and therefore decelerates the knife wear.

Cutting sticks are produced for all machine types and makes. The range extends to the very latest models and includes allpaper cutters and three knife trimmers manufactured worldwide. If you cannot find a suitable stick in our catalogue, do not hesitate to contact us.

Original equipment manufacturer specifications are used for the production of nearly all cutting sticks and a comprehensive size list is available detailing themake of the machine, model, size of cutting stick. Cutting Sticks are produced 100% from prime material components in modern production facilities.

Cutting sticks are available in a three types of materials which take into consideration the following:
1. the compatibility of the material to the quality of the knife
2. the durability expectation during the cutting process
3. the versatility to suit more than one knife quality
4. the economic advantage of using the plastic cutting stick against using more traditional materials such as wood, xylonite or compressed paper.

Cuttings sticks ship from the E.U. (European Union) and have been developed to give optimum durability and performance for paper converting applications.

Cutting sticks for Wohlenberg 155 F, 1557x10x4mm SIN, Red [PACK of 25 pcs]