Powis Scoring Machine SM2 (double score)

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The Scoring Machine is designed specifically for perfect binding (paperback books). It works hand-in-hand with the Fastback 20 binder to precisely score card stock so your covers look good and open easily.

The bound book is placed between the Book Thickness Rings and to adjust the width to match. The Scoring Machine can thento produce perfect scores every time.

The scoring machine can score card stock up to 0.5mm thick (.020") and the patented Centering Guide eliminates any guesswork as to where to place the scores. No make-ready is ever needed.

The Scoring Machine is designed to be easy to operate, even on the largest job. The transparent die holder allows the operator to see exactly where each score is being made, which helps to avoid mistakes. The machine has a low resistance lever plus a soft grip handle to help avoid strains and repetitive stress injuries.

The scoring machine SM2 comes with one scoring die for making double scores. A second die is available for making single scores and can be ordered separately. Changing the die is a simple matter of removing two pins and switching the die.

Highlights of POWIS scoring machine SM1

Technical Specifications

Machine Dimensions (WxHxD):
47cm x 21cm x 53cm
Score Type:
double score
Maximum Score Length:
Maximum Material Thickness:
Maximum Cover Width (wrap):

Additional Information

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Powis Scoring Machine SM2 (double score)