Bottom Slitters, 35x58x29.3mm, TC, MBO 50210010 (pack of 5)

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A pack of 5 bottom slitters, made of tungsten carbide (tc) material for heavy duty and trouble free operation. They have unmatched sharpness and cutting with high wear resistance. Manufactured to high precision in a modern manufacturing plant. The blade is equivalent to the MBO blade 50210010.

Please note: images of bottom slitters are provided for illustrative purposes only. Please refer to the technical specification for dimensions and configuration of blades.

Technical Blade / Slitter Specification

Outside diameter:
58 mm
Inside diameter:
35 mm
Blade thickness:
29.3 mm
Blade material:
Equivalent OEM IDs:
MBO 50210010

Pack contents

This product is a pack that contains five (5) MBO compatible bottom slitters.

Other Information

Blade materials
This MBO blade is made of tungsten carbide (tc). Depending on your application, you can save cost, improve quality of cut, reduce interval between sharpening, as well as downtime of your machine by purchasing a blade made of a higher grade metal alloy. We offer blades made of three classes of metal alloys: standard tool steel (SS), high speed steel (HSS) and tungsten carbide (TC).

Packaging and shipment:
These blades ship from the EU (European Union).

Similar names:
Bottom slitter blade, cutter blade, trimming blade, splt slitter, cutting blade, circular blade.

Bottom Slitters, 35x58x29.3mm, TC, MBO 50210010 (pack of 5)