Powis Hard Cover Guide HCG2

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The Fastback Hardcover Assembly Guide allows anyone to finish a hardcover book or photobook in seconds. It ensures consistent alignment of the book block with the Powis hardcover.

With the Fastback Hardcover system, anyone can create a professional-qualityhard cover book, in less than a minute. Publishers can now offer any book they haveever printed with no remainder copies to worry about. Schools can let the studentscreate their own yearbooks. Whether you are looking for a cost-effective way toproduce books for resale or you want to create memory books for your children andfriends, the Fastback Hardcover product line is the perfect solution.

Technical Specifications

Machine Dimensions (WxHxD):
52.7cm x 7.9cm x 35.6cm
Supported Book sizes:
from CD box to A4 and A4+(8.5"x11")

Additional Information

Please note: we can deliver this product to the following EU countries only: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Powis Hard Cover Guide HCG2